The Art of Mail Armor: How to Make Your Own

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The Art of Mail Armor: How to Make Your Own

PREZZO : EUR 110,00€

ISBN 1581605862
EAN 9781581605860

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VIII-160 pages
430 b&w illustrations
cm 21,5 x 27,5 x 1
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Publisher's description:
Picture yourself in a full set of shining mail armor at your next reenactment, fair or costume party. And the best part is that you can say you made it yourself. The Art of Mail Armor shows you how to start with a piece of wire and end with a finished garment that costs a fraction of what it would ready-made and fits perfectly because it was custom made just for you. The book features seven original patterns from the author and step-by-step diagrams and instructions for attractive coifs (head coverings), hauberks (shirts), gauntlets, (gloves) and bishop's collars, as well as juggling balls, necklaces, belts, crosses and other jewelry. Find out how easy it is to assemble your tool kit and materials; acquire the best wire for specific items; measure for a perfect fit; join, enlarge, round, angle and fit sleeves; and incorporate decorative trimmings and inlays to make your designs truly unique. Also learn some quick and easy tricks for keeping your pieces clean and shiny - with no scrubbing or expensive commercial cleaners. Whether you are a Renaissance or medieval enthusiast, reenactor, historian, martial artist, jewelry designer or just someone with an interest in armor, you'll want to add this book to your library. Even experienced mail makers will find new ideas and techniques.

From the back cover:
Looking for a costume that will dazzle them at your next reenactment or festival? Feel like you're in the Dark Ages when it comes to finding useful information on creating your own mail armor? Then look no further. This comprehensive guide to making your very own personalized mail armor will have you decked out in an impressive array -without emptying your wallet.
Laid out in simple, easy steps that even a beginner could follow, The Art of Mail Armor instructs you in everything from the most fundamental elements - assembling your tool kit and making your own links - to more complicated and intricate patterns that will personalize and tailor your mail armor for a perfect fit and custom look. Learn how to join, enlarge, round, angle, fit sleeves, and add style to an ordinary piece with various trims and inlays to make your design truly unique. Discover a treasure trove of seven different mail patterns, including 6-on-2 and double 4-on-1.
Not a knight? That's OK. Included are original patterns that can be incorporated into many different character costumes, from full body mail armor to juggling balls to delicate jewelry. The clearly illustrated, step-by-step diagrams will have you on your way to creating your own coifs (head coverings), hauberks (shirts), gauntlets (gloves), and bishop's collars in no time. With this book you can create an entire mail wardrobe with garments to suit any mood or persona. Even seasoned mail makers will find new ideas and techniques.

Table of Contents:
page 1 Introduction
7 Chapter 1. Some Terminology and Comparisons, Ancient and Modern
13 Chapter 2. Wire Sizes
19 Chapter 3. Cutting Links
25 Chapter 4. 4-on-1 Mail Pattern
29 Chapter 5. Joining
35 Chapter 6. Extending
37 Chapter 7. Points and Rounding
43 Chapter 8. Flairs
47 Chapter 9. Reductions
51 Chapter 10. 6-on-1 Mail Pattern
55 Chapter 11. 6-on-2 Mail Pattern
65 Chapter 12. Edge Patterns and Inlaid Designs
81 Chapter 13. Shirt or Hauberk
89 Chapter 14. Coif-Round Method
93 Chapter 15. Coif with Bishop's Collar-Square Construction
103 Chapter 16. Gauntlets
111 Chapter 17. Care and Polishing of Mail
115 Chapter 18. Jewelry
131 Chapter 19. Additional Types of Mail
139 Chapter 20. Photo Gallery

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