BattleLore - GAME

PREZZO : EUR 79,90€

BattleLore - GAME

PREZZO : EUR 79,90€






Number of players: 2
Playing Time: 60'
Age: 10+
cm 29 x 29 x 9,5
gr 3010

Language: English
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Publisher's description:
It is the dawn of the Hundred Years War. The French and the English prepare to meet on the field of war. Their ranks swell as bands of mercenary dwarves and goblins join the fight. Wizards and warriors provide their armies with spells and martial prowess while clerics and rogues aide their allies with blessing and decisive maneuvers. Adventure awaits!
The world of Battlelore combines the rich flavor of medieval history with a lush fantasy backdrop. Players can fight decisive medieval battles that incorporate elements of magic and RPG-like mechanics. Depending on who sits on each side’s war council, a deck of lore cards is constructed, giving each side a possible edge in battle.
In Battlelore 2-4 players are given the opportunity to take part in battles that span across history and fantasy. Historical armies take the field alongside goblin and dwarf mercenaries. Even monstrous creatures may join the fray. At the start of each battle, or “adventure”, players will gather their available troops and form their units. Units are made up of four foot troops or three mounted troops. These units are distinctively identified by their banner. These banners also determine the outcomes of combat.
Every game is played by selecting one of the included scenarios, called adventures. These adventures will specify the types of troops available to either side, the make up of their war councils, victory conditions, and special rules. There are ten adventures included in the core set, with more added in specific expansions.
Battlelore combines elements of wargaming and adventure to create a unique and addicting game experience. With its easy-to-learn combat system and customizable war council, Battlelore is quick to learn yet tough to master. To ensure that no two games plays the same, players have access to lore cards that can drastically turn the tide of battle. However, these lore cards are dependent on who is in your war council. So choose your councilors carefully.
Combat is lightning fast in Battlelore. Simply reference your troop’s attack power, gather and roll your dice pool, then match the results withyour target unit’s banner. With troop, weapon, and terrain reference cards, combat has never been this quick and easy.
The game board features three sections of hexagonal terrain. Before each game, players place terrain tokens to alter the battlefield according to the chosen scenario. Effects of terrain will modify combat rolls and cause movement restrictions. Terrain reference cards make learning the lay of the land an easy task. However, using terrain to your army’s advantage takes a bit of strategy.
As Battlelore continues to grow, with several expansions released and more on the way, the adventure is only beginning! The great war councils are gathering from all across the realms. The lines of battle have been drawn and the mustering forces need capable commanders able to lead them to victory. Do you have what it takes to join the war council?