Supplements to The Journal of Jewish Thought and Philosophy

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"Without Any Doubt". Gersonides on Method and Knowledge Author: Sara Klein-Braslavy Brill €176.00
Encountering the Medieval in Modern Jewish Thought Edited by: James A. Diamond, Aaron W. Hughes Contributors: James A. Diamond, Aaron W. Hughes, Sarah Pessin, Zachary Braiterman Brill €171.00
Knowledge of God and the Development of Early Kabbalah Author: Jonathan Dauber Brill €156.00
Studies in Medieval Jewish Intellectual and Social History Edited by: David Engel, Lawrence H. Schiffman, Elliot Wolfson Managing Editor: Yechiel Schur Contributions by: David Engel, Brill €176.00
The Serpent Kills or the Serpent Gives Life. The Kabbalist Abraham Abulafia’s Response to Christianity Author: Robert J. Sagerman Brill €199.00
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