Vigiliae Christianae, Supplements

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A Newly Discovered Greek Father. Cassian the Sabaite eclipsed by John Cassian of Marseilles Author: Panayiotis Tzamalikos Brill €252.00
Augustine and the Functions of Concupiscence Author: Timo Nisula Brill €220.00
Basil of Caesarea's Anti-Eunomian Theory of Names Author: Mark DelCogliano Brill €118.00
Gregory of Nyssa: The Minor Treatises on Trinitarian Theology and Apollinarism Edited by: Margitta Berghaus, Volker Henning Drecoll Contributions by: Johan Leemans, Lenka Karfíková, Andrew Brill €271.00
Jerome and the Monastic Clergy Author: Andrew Cain Brill €140.00
Marriage in the Western Church. The Christianization of Marriage During the Patristic & Early Medieval Periods Author: Philip Lyndon Reynolds Brill €76.00
Reconsidering Eusebius. Collected papers on literary, historical, and theological issues Edited by: Claudio Zamagni, Sabrina Inowlocki Contributions by: Joseph Patrich, Oded Irshai, Mark DelCogliano, Eduard Irici Brill €144.00
The Development of the Term ἐνυπόστατος from Origen to John of Damascus Author: Benjamin Gleede Brill €129.00
The Real Cassian Revisited. Monastic Life, Greek Paideia, and Origenism in the Sixth Century Edited by: Kevin Ingram Brill €226.00
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