A Companion to Boethius in the Middle Ages

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COLLANA/SERIE : Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition, 30
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A Companion to Boethius in the Middle Ages

PREZZO : EUR 274,00€

EAN 9789004183544

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Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition, 30


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Publisher's description:
The articles in this volume focus upon Boethius's extant works: his De arithmetica and a fragmentary De musica, his translations and commentaries on logic, his five theological texts, and, of course, his Consolation of Philosophy. They examine the effects that Boethian thought has exercised upon the learning of later generations of scholars--including, to a degree, scholars of the 21st century. The field of Boethian Studies has enjoyed a continuous history of works that treat either the entire Boethian tradition or major aspects of it. This volume offers a comprehensive study, and its construction is systematic, considering Boethius's works both as central to the disciplines that they represent and to the areas of scholarly interest that they influenced, and it is framed by articles on the historical contexts in which those works were produced.

Table of contents:
Introduction: The Times, Life, and Work of Boethius, Noel Harold Kaylor, Jr.
Boethius's Astronomy and Cosmology, Stephen C. McCluskey
The Latin Commentaries on Boethius's De consolatione philosophiae from the 9th to the 11th Centuries, Rosalind C. Love
Boethius's De institutione arithmetica and its Influence on Posterity, Jean-Yves Guillaumin
Boethius's Influence on Theology and Metaphysics to c.1500, Siobhan Nash-Marshall
Boethius's Works on Logic in the Middle Ages, John Patrick Casey
Boethius's Influence in Anglo-Saxon England: The Vernacular and the De consolatione philosophiae, Paul E. Szarmach
Boethius's Influence on German Literature to c. 1500, Christine Hehle
Boethius in Medieval France: Translations of the De consolatione philosophiae and Literary Influence, Glynnis M. Cropp
Readers and Interpreters of the Consolatio in Italy, 1300–1500, Dario Brancato
Making the Consolatio in Middle English, Ian Johnson
The Enduring Legacy of Boethian Harmony, Mark T. Rimple
The Quadrivium and the Decline of Boethian Influence, Ann E. Moyer
Afterword: Boethius in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, Fabio Troncarelli
Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius: A Chronology and Selected Annotated Bibliography, Philip Edward Phillips
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