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Man'yōshū (Book 14). A New Translation Containing the Original Text, Kana Transliteration, Romanization, Glossing and Commentary Author: Alexander Vovin Brill €50.00
Man’yōshū (Book 5). A New Translation Containing the Original Text, Kana Transliteration, Romanization, Glossing and Commentary Brill €123.00
Marco Polo Was in China. New Evidence from Currencies, Salts and Revenues Author: Hans Ulrich Vogel Brill €245.00
Marriage in the Western Church. The Christianization of Marriage During the Patristic & Early Medieval Periods Author: Philip Lyndon Reynolds Brill €76.00
Maslaha and the Purpose of the Law Author: Felicitas Opwis Brill €149.00
Mechanisms of Exchange Transmission in Medieval Art and Architecture of the Mediterranean, ca. 1000-1500 Edited by: Heather E. Grossman, Alicia Walker Contributors: Justine Andrews, Maria Georgopoulou, Ludovico Geymonat, Heather E. Brill €82.00
Medical Prescriptions in the Cambridge Genizah Collections Author: Efraim Lev, Leigh Chipman   Brill €220.00
Medical Synonym Lists from Medieval Provence: Shem Tov ben Isaac of Tortosa: Sefer ha - Shimmush. Book 29 Part 1: Edition and Commentary of List 1 (Hebrew - Arabic - Romance/Latin) Author: Frank Savelsberg, Guido Mensching, Martina Hussein, Gerrit Bos Brill €237.00
Medieval Encounters Brill €80.00
Medieval Encounters Brill €66.00
Medieval Encounters Brill €84.00
Medieval Encounters Edited by: Cynthia Robinson Brill €91.00
Medieval Encounters. Jewish, Christian and Muslim Culture in Confluence and Dialogue. Volume 18 (2012) Edited by: Cynthia Robinson Brill €139.00
Medieval Hebrew Poetry in Muslim Egypt. The Secular Poetry of the Karaite Poet Moses ben Abraham Dar'ī Karaite Texts and Studies Volume 3 Author: Joachim J.M.S. Yeshaya Brill €179.00
Medieval Manuscript Production in the Latin West. Explorations with a Global Database Author: Eltjo Buringh Brill €183.00
Medieval Philosophy as Transcendental Thought. From Philip the Chancellor (ca. 1225) to Francisco Suárez Author: Jan A. Aertsen Brill €288.00
Medieval Tibeto-Burman Languages IV Edited by: Nathan W. Hill Contributors: Nathan W. Hill, Christian Bauer, Rudolf A. Yanson, Heleen Plaisier, Ikeda Takumi, Uwe Brill €220.00
Meditatio – Refashioning the Self. Theory and Practice in Late Medieval and Early Modern Intellectual Culture Edited by: Walter Melion, Karl A.E. Enenkel Contributions by: Barbara Baert, Wietse de Boer, Feike Dietz, Jan Frans van Dij Brill €141.00
Mendicants and Merchants in the Medieval Mediterranean Edited by: Taryn E.L. Chubb, Emily D. Kelley Contributors: Taryn E.L. Chubb, Francisco García-Serrano, Emily D. Kelley, Brill €68.00
Method, Structure, and Development in al-Fārābī's Cosmology Author: Damien Janos Brill €221.00
Mongol Rule in Seljuk Anatolia Author: Sara Nur Yildiz Brill €128.00
Municipal Officials, Their Public, and the Negotiation of Justice in Medieval Languedoc Fear Not the Madness of the Raging Mob Author: Patricia Turning Brill €140.00
Muslim Exegesis of the Bible in Medieval Cairo Author: Lejla Demiri Brill €220.00
Narratives of Tampering in the Earliest Commentaries on the Qur’ān Author: Gordon Nickel Brill €146.00
Opening the Gates of Interpretation. Maimonides' Biblical Hermeneutics in Light of His Geonic-Andalusian Heritage and Muslim Milieu Author: Mordechai Z. Cohen Brill €243.00
Optical Allusions. Screens, Paintings, and Poetry in Classical Japan (ca. 800-1200) Author: Joseph T. Sorensen Brill €156.00
Order Out of Chaos Author: Jo Van Steenbergen Brill €118.00
Parisian Licentiates in Theology, A.D. 1373-1500. A Biographical Register. Vol. II. The Secular Clergy Author: Thomas Sullivan Brill €255.00
Petrarch and St. Augustine. Classical Scholarship, Christian Theology and the Origins of the Renaissance in Italy Author: Alexander Lee Brill €177.00
Philippe de Mézières and His Age. Piety and Politics in the Fourteenth Century Edited by: Renate Blumenfeld-Kosinski, Kiril Petkov Contributors: Michel Balard, Adrian Bell, Joël Blanchard, Kevin Br Brill €243.00
Philosophy and Theology in the Long Middle Ages. A Tribute to Stephen F. Brown Edited by: Andreas Speer, Russell L. Friedman, Kent Emery Jr. Contributions by: Jan A. Aertsen, Carlos Bazan, Oliva Blanche Brill €340.00
Philosophy in Early Safavid Iran. Najm al-Dīn Maḥmūd al-Nayrīzī and His Writings Author: Reza Pourjavady Brill €136.00
Pictish Progress. New Studies on Northern Britain in the Early Middle Ages Edited by: Stephen T. Driscoll, Jane Geddes, Mark A. Hall Contributions by: Barbara E. Crawford, Nicholas Evans, Iain Frase Brill €185.00
Plutarch in the Religious and Philosophical Discourse of Late Antiquity Edited by: Lautaro Roig Lanzillotta, Israel Muñoz Gallarte Contributors: Abraham P. Bos, Francesco Becchi, Raúl Brill €149.00
Politics and Justice in Late Medieval Bologna Author: Sarah Rubin Blanshei Brill €187.00
Popes and Antipopes. The Politics of Eleventh Century Church Reform Author: Mary Stroll Brill €136.00
Portraits of Chōgen Author: John Rosenfield Brill €103.00
Ports, Piracy and Maritime War. Piracy in the English Channel and the Atlantic, c. 1280-c. 1330 Author: Thomas K. Heebøll-Holm Brill €171.00
Questiones super Physicam (Books I-VII) Author: Nicole Oresme Edited by: Stefano Caroti, Jean Celeyrette, Stefan Kirschner, Edmond Mazet Brill €314.00
Reassessing the Roles of Women as 'Makers' of Medieval Art and Architecture Edited by: Therese Martin Contributors: Mickey Abel, Glaire D. Anderson, Jane L. Carroll, Nicola Coldstream, María Elen Brill €299.00
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