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The Development of the Term ἐνυπόστατος from Origen to John of Damascus Author: Benjamin Gleede Brill €129.00
The Divine Comedy Author: Dante Alighieri Translated by: C.H. Sisson With an introduction and notes by: David H. Higgins Oxford Uni... €17.00
The Dowel Arrow Handbook: A Pocket Resource for Building Arrows With Wooden Dowels Author: Nicholas Tomihama Levi Dream €15.00
The Dragon in Medieval East Christian and Islamic Art Author: Sara Kuehn With a Foreword by: Robert Hillenbrand Brill €254.00
The Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and His Circle. American Collections Author: Leonardo da Vinci Edited by: Carlo Pedretti, Patricia Trutty-Coohill Giunti Edi... Quotazione
The Duke and the Stars. Astrology and Politics in Renaissance Milan Author: Monica Azzolini Harvard Un... €60.00
The Dwarves Author: Markus Heitz Orbit Book... €20.90
The Early Franciscan Movement (1205-1239) Author: Michael F. Cusato CISAM Cent... €60.00
The early Sienese paintings in Holland Author: Hendrik Willem van Os, J.R.J. van Asperen de Boer, C.E. de Jong-Janssen, C. Wiethoff Translation from the Dutch by: M. Edizioni C..., Gary Schwa... €26.00
The early Slavs. Culture and society in early Medieval Eastern Europe Author: Paul M. Barford Cornell Un... €65.00
The Economic History of European Jews. Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages Author: Michael Toch Brill €203.00
The Eloquence of Appropriation. Prolegomena to Understanding of Spolia in Early Christian Rome Author: Maria Hansen Fabricius L'Erm... €110.00
The Enchantress of Florence Author: Salman Rushdie Random Hou... €26.00
The Enchantress of Florence Author: Salman Rushdie Random Hou... €14.00
The English Traveler to Italy Author: George B. Parks M. D'... €56.81
The Face of the Dead and the Early Christian World Edited by: Ivan Foletti With the collaboration of: Alžběta Filipová Viella Lib... €30.00
The Fantastic Middle Ages Author: Jurgis Baltrušaitis Quotazione
The Feast and the Pulpit. Preachers, Sermons and the Cult of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, 1235 - ca. 1500 Author: Ottó Gecser CISAM Cent... €58.00
The figurative castle Autore: Roberta Dougles Cornelius La Finestr... €28.00
The Five-Colored Clouds of Mount Wutai: Poems from Dunhuang Author: Mary Anne Cartelli Brill €129.00
The Flower of Paradise. Marian Devotion and Secular Song in Medieval and Renaissance Music Author: David J. Rothenberg Oxford Uni... €39.00
The Forest House Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley Roc €10.00
The Forgotten Crusaders. Poland and the Crusader Movement in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries Author: Mikołaj Gładysz Brill €243.00
The Forme of Cury. La cucina alla corte di Re Riccardo II d'Inghilterra A cura di: Constance B. Hieatt Traduzione dall'originale anglo-normanno di: Giovanni Iamartino, Elisabetta Lonati Con un Guido Tomm... €18.00
The frescoes of John VII (A.D. 705-707) in S. Maria Antiqua in Rome Author: Jonas Nordhagen L'Erm... Quotazione
The Frescoes of Mantegna in the Eremitani Church, Padua Texts by: Giuseppe Fiocco Introduction by: Terisio Pignatti Phaidon Pr... €35.00
The Function of Kinship in Medieval Nordic Legislation Author: Helle Vogt Brill €168.00
The Glory of Byzantium and Early Christendom Author: Antony Eastmond Phaidon Pr... €75.00
The Golden Legend. La Nova Legenda Aurea di Jacopo da Varazze Autore: Davide Zuppini, Nebbioso, Biagio Biaz Panzani, Marta Valdonio, Aldo Tocci, Micol Ceoletta, Erika Ferrari, Marika Michela EF €12.00
The Gospel According to Ravenna Author: André Frossard Itaca Ediz... €22.00
The Gospel of the Gospels Author: Blaise Pascal Texts by: Carlo Carena, Enrico Castelnuovo, Roland Recht Photographs by: Massimo Listri Translation by: Da Società Ed... €67.14
The gothic cathedral Author: Otto Georg Von Simson Princeton... €16.00
The Great Event according to Giotto. Scrovegni Chapel - Padua Author: Roberto Filippetti Photographs by: Giorgio Deganello Itaca Ediz... €15.00
The Greek Correspondence of Bartolomeo Minio Volume I: Dispacci from Nauplion (1479-1483) Edited by: Diana Gillian Wright, John R. Melville-Jones Unipress E... €40.00
The Greek Correspondence of Bartolomeo Minio Volume II: Dispacci from Candia (1500-1502) With translation and commentary Edited by: Diana Gillian Wright, John R. Melville-Jones Unipress E... €45.00
The Hanse in Medieval and Early Modern Europe Edited by: Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz, Stuart Jenks Contributors: Carsten Jahnke, Edda Frankot, Sofia Gustafsson, James M. Murray, Brill €171.00
The Heavenly Court Author: Lennert Gesterkamp Brill €150.00
The Heavenly Court. Daoist Temple Painting in China, 1200-1400 Author: Walter M. Spink Brill €49.50
The hedge knight. Il cavaliere errante Autore: George Raymond Richard Martin, Ben Avery, Mike S. Miller, Mike Crowell Traduzione di: Paolo Accolti Gil Edizioni I... €18.00
The High Lord Author: Trudi Canavan Little, Br... €10.00
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