La polyphonie flamande/The Flemish Polyphony - BOOK + 8 CD

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La polyphonie flamande/The Flemish Polyphony - BOOK + 8 CD

PREZZO : EUR 62,90€


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In esaurimento

Colour book of 200 pages + 8 CD's in a magnificent Box
Total Time: 10h26
cm 14,5 x 20 x 5
gr 1027

Texte en français, English commentary inside


Publisher's description and from the cover:
The composers known collectively as theFiamminghi made their mark in Europe in general and in Italy and in France in particular during the 15th century. Their talent and skill gained them the most important positions in the great musical establishments of the time. This collection is devoted to the leading composers of the 15th century, from those of the first generation (Guillaume Dufay, Gilles Binchois, Arnold de Lantins and Johannes Brassart) through Johannes Ockeghem, the great master of polyphonic technique, to Josquin Desprez and Pierre de La Rue, two musicians taught by Ockeghem who laid the foundations of the Ars Perfecta during the Renaissance. Also included is Jacob Obrecht, the only composer of this school whose career was based essentially in his native Flanders. Every genre of both sacred as well as secular music of the time is represented here.

C'est sous le nom de Fiamminghi que de nombreux compositeurs du XV siècle se sont imposés en Europe, principalement en ltalie et en France. Leur savoir-faire leur a permis d'occuper les places les plus importantes des grandes chapelles musicales. Cet ouvrage est consacré au principaux compositeurs du XV siècle, ceux de la première génération (Guillaume Dufay, Gilles Binchois, Arnold de Lantins, Johannes Brassart), au grand maître de l'accomplissement polyphonique (Johannes Ockeghem) et enfin aux musiciens qui se réclament de son enseignement et qui jettent les bases de l'Ars Perfecta de la Renaissance (Josquin Desprez, Pierre de La Rue), sans compter avec le seul dont la carrière fur essentiellenent consacrée à sa Flandre natale (Jacob Obrecht). Tous les domaines y sont abordés, tant dans celui de la musique profane que dans celui de la musique sacrée.

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