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PREZZO : EUR 48,40€


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Supporto/Support: DVD (2 dischi/2 discs/2 disques)
Formato Video/Video format/Format vidéo: PAL; Widescreen 16:9
Audio: Italiano; PCM Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1
Durata/Run Time/Durée: 192'+133'
Codice Area/Region/Région: 0

Registrazione/registration/enregistration: 2001, Händelfestspiele Halle.
Produzione/production: Germania - 3Sat, ZDF, 2001


Opera lirica di Georg Friedrich Händel, su libretto di Agostino Piovene, che ha come protagonista il sovrano turkmeno (1336–1405) fondatore della dinastia timuride.

"For the first release on the new Avie label, we are graced with a live recording of Trevor Pinnock’s version of Handel’s Tamerlano, recorded in June 2001… This is a fine recording of one of Handel’s finest operas… this is a great work, one that has not been recorded much, and which deserves to be discovered or rediscovered through this fine set." -MusicWeb International
"What a strange, wondrous work this is! Dealing almost exclusively with emotions--paternal, filial, and romantic love, sacrifice, jealousy, hatred, spite--there is very little "action" per se. But in Handel's Tamerlano we are smack in the middle of these people's hearts and it's more suspenseful and moving than operas with battles, great political themes, wind machines, and exotic dancers… Trevor Pinnock leads his English Concert expertly; his pacing of arias and recitatives is nothing if not both natural and dramatically apt. This is not perfect--it suffers some of the vicissitudes of live performances--but it presents this opera better than any competition on CD, and probably as well as we'll hear it any time soon." -Classics Today.
- The 192 min. long opera Tamerlano (directed by Helga Dubnyicsek)
- English, German, French, or Spanish libretto translations (read the libretto as subtitle)
- instant scene selection (all scenes selectable on the screen)
- score plus (read the score as subtitle)
The Making of Tamerlano (a film by Martina Mattick-Stiller)
- the rehearsal at Sadler’s Wells Theatre
comments by the conductor Trevor Pinnock, the director, Jonathan Miller and the costume designer, Judy Levine explaining their ideas on this staging in an authentic 18th century atmosphere
- pictures from the Handel Festival town, Halle/Saale, including a view into Handel’s birthplace, a museum containing an important collection of instruments and other musicological sites of the town
- a look behind the scenes of the small Goethe Theatre in Bad Lauchstädt, the stage of this opera production
- in German, English, French, or Spanish language
- with conductors, directors, musicians etc. commenting on their views on Handel’s work and the special role of the Handel Festival in Halle/Saale with English, German, French and Spanish subtitles
Historical Film Footage:
- giving an eyewitness report of the honoring celebrations of the 200th anniversary of Handel’s death, various concerts from Handel Festivals from the 70ies and 80ies, showing the festivities at GDR times, and excerpts from the dress rehearsal of the Handel opera, Rinaldo, also performed on the festival in 2001
- eyewitness report and interview with Sir J.E. Gardiner subtitled in English, German, French and Spanish
Interactive Chronology:
- Listing all operas, oratorios and musicological seminars of the Handel Festival in Halle since 1952, illustrated by the festival posters of the respective years.

Opéra de Georg Friedrich Haendel (ou Händel, 23 février 1685, Halle - 14 avril 1759, Londres), compositeur d'origine allemande, naturalisé britannique, qui personnifie, au côté de Bach, l'apogée de la musique baroque. Cet opéra a comme protagoniste Tamerlan (1336 - 1405), parent éloigné de Gengis Khan, devenu émir de Transoxiane.

Contenuti speciali/special contents/contenus spécials:
Making of, Interviste/Interviews/Entrevues, Historical film footage

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