Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction. The 14th Century

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Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction. The 14th Century

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ISBN 1581605366
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Publisher's description:
Before there was Iron Man, there were iron men - medieval knights who forged metal suits in preparation for warfare.
Few historical icons can match the evocative power of the medieval suit of armour, and this epic new book is a complete course in the tools and techniques of the modern armourer's art. Through more than 1,000 detailed photos and clear instruction, Brian Price presents a working handbook for aspiring and active armourers who want to develop their skills in the production of medieval armour in the style of the 14th century.
The book is divided into four sections: a sweeping history of armour and its production from its medieval roots to its modern revival; a practical introduction to all the tools and supplies necessary to equip a modern workshop; a thorough review of key techniques; and a series of actual courses in constructing armoured defenses for the head, body, arm, hand and leg. Taking the reader through the construction of an authentic medieval harness from conception to completion, Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction is a vital addition to the libraries of serious craftsmen, historians, collectors and researchers.

From the back cover:
Few historical icons match the evocative power of the medieval suit of armour. Forged from sheets of iron, then beaten with hammer and stake into elaborate sculptures of defense, the knight's armour symbolized his martial prowess, his social station, and his nobility of purpose - the very essence of chivalry in the Middle Ages.
Today, a growing community of medieval reenactors, collectors, historians, and martial artists have revived the art of the armourer, reanimating the steel's role as a functional defence for modern combatants participating in tournament competition as well as celebrating its beauty purely as a work of art. Through his skill, the modern armourer has succeeded in communicating across the ages, mooring the chivalric ideals of the Middle Ages to the iron sheet that is his medium and through that sheet, to us.
Through poetic prose and practical instruction, Brian R. Price presents a lavish introduction to some of today's finest craftsman and their work as well as a step-by-step guide for novice and intermediate armourers who desire to delve into the tools and techniques of this specialised art form. With more than 1000 stunning photographs of medieval and modern designs, Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction is a major contribution to the restoration and preservation of one of the grandest physical representations of the ideals of the Western World.

Table of Contents:
1 Section One. The Armourers
3 Chapter 1. A Brief History of the Armourer and His Art
15 Chapter 2. Armour Reproductions: Armouring for Collectors and Museums
23 Chapter 3. Armouring for Reenactors: Tournament Societies and Medieval Feats of Arms
37 Chapter 4. The Modern Armourers
59 Section Two. Tools and Supplies
61 Chapter 5. The Armourer's Workshop
71 Chapter 6. Tools
103 Chapter 7. Supplies for the Armoury
109 Chapter 8. Concerning the Selection of Metal: Iron, Steel, and "Latten"
121 Section Three. Techniques
123 Chapter 9. Steps Required for All Pieces
127 Chapter 10. Training the Hammer and the Eye
131 Chapter 11. Conducting Research
141 Chapter 12. Taking Measurements
149 Chapter 13. Design, Patterning, and Fitting
157 Chapter 14. Cutting and Deburring
163 Chapter 15. Basic Hammerwork
181 Chapter 16. Enhancing Techniques
199 Chapter 17. Riveting and Welding
213 Chapter 18. Raising: The Cornerstone Technique
223 Chapter 19. Annealing, Heat-Treating, and Tempering
233 Chapter 20. Engineering the Joint
253 Chapter 21. Latches, Catches, Hinges, and Buckles
265 Chapter 22. Grinding and Polishing
273 Chapter 23. Decorative Enhancements
291 Chapter 24. Strapping and Leatherwork
301 Chapter 25. Padding and Arming Points
317 Chapter 26. Weaving Mail
329 Chapter 27. Working in Cuirboille
341 Chapter 28 Caring for Finished Armour
347 Section Four. Projects
349 Chapter 29. Armour in the 14th Century
359 Chapter 30. Defending the Head
401 Chapter 31. Defending the Body
423 Chapter 32. Defending the Arm
439 Chapter 33. Defending the Hand
457 Chapter 34. Defending the Leg
473 Appendices
475 Appendix A. The Company of Saint George
479 Appendix B. Glossary of Technical and Medieval Terms
487 Appendix C. Sources
493 Appendix D. Select Bibliography.

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