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The Holy Wars of King Wladislas and Sultan Murad. The Ottoman-Christian Conflict from 1438-1444 Author: John Jefferson Brill €273.00
The Hound and the Hawk. The Art of Medieval Hunting Author: John Cummins   Phoenix Pr... €30.50
The Human Figure by Albrecht Dürer. The Complete 'Dresden Sketchbook' Author: Albrecht Dürer Edited, with an introduction, translations and commentary by: Walter L. Strauss Dover Publ... €20.00
The Illuminated Alphabet Author: Theodore Menten Dover Publ... €8.00
The Illuminated Book. Its history & production Author: David Diringer Frederick... €150.00
The Immortality of the Soul and the Resurrection of the Body according to Giles of Rome Author: Kieran Nolan Institutum... €17.00
The Incorporation and Integration of the King's Tributary Lands into the Norwegian Realm c. 1195-1397 Author: Randi Bjørshol Waerdahl Brill €176.00
The Jews in medieval Assisi, 1305-1487 Autore: Ariel Toaff Casa Editr... €47.00
The King Autore: Marco Menozzi Fazi Edito... €19.50
The Knights and Their Castle. Giant Puzzle & Book Author: Simon Miller Sassi Edit... €17.90
The Lady and the Unicorn Author: Elisabeth Delahaye Réunion de... €28.00
The Language of the Angels. Symbols and Secrets in the Basilica of San Miniato in Florence Author: Renzo Manetti Translation by: Stephen Tobin Edizioni P... €12.00
The last flowers of the Middle Ages Edited by: Ivo Hlobilr Contributions by: Ladislav Daniel, Marek Perutka, Michal Soukup, Claudio Strinati De Luca Ed... €43.90
The Latin Renovatio of Byzantium. The Empire of Constantinople (1204-1228) Author: Filip Van Tricht Brill €227.00
The Leaning Tower of Pisa. Concept and Realisation of a Medieval Masterpiece Author: Valerio Ascani Edizioni E... €14.00
The Legal Methodology of Late Nehardean Sages in Sasanian Babylonia Author: Barak S. Cohen Brill €131.00
The legend of Zelda. A link to the past Autore: Akira Himekawa Traduzione di: Giorgio Borroni Edizioni B... €9.90
The legend of Zelda. Four swords 1 Autore: Akira Himekawa Traduzione di: G. Borroni Edizioni B... €5.90
The legend of Zelda. Four swords 2 Autore: Akira Himekawa Traduzione di: G. Borroni Edizioni B... €5.90
The legend of Zelda. Majora's Mask Autore: Akira Himekawa Traduzione di: Giorgio Borroni Edizioni B... €11.00
The Leonardo Da Vinci Puzzle Codex Author: Tim Dedopulos Carlton Bo... €23.80
The Letter of Love and Concord. A Revised Diplomatic Edition with Historical and Textual Comments and English Translation Author: Zara Pogossian Brill €224.00
The Letters of Giovanni Sabadino degli Arienti (1481-1510) Author: Carolyn James Casa Editr... €36.00
The Lewis Chessmen: Unmasked Autore: David H. Caldwell, Mark A. Hall, Caroline M. Wilkinson National M... €15.95
The Life and Art of Luca Signorelli Author: Henry Tom Yale Unive... €85.00
The life and times of Alfred the Great Author: Douglas Woodruff Introduction by: Antonia Fraser Weidenfeld... €30.00
The Lindisfarne Gospels Author: Janet Backhouse Phaidon Pr... €14.95
The Little Book of Arthurian Wisdom Author: John Matthews Vega Books €7.80
The Longobards in Italy. Places of the power (568-774 AD) Sagep Edit... €4.90
The Longobards. Guide and plan Edited by: Marco De Marco Giunti Edi... €5.00
The Lord of the Rings Travel Diary. Location Guidebook Author: Ian Brodie Harper Col... €50.00
The Lucca Codex Introductory study and facsimile edition by: John Nadas, Agostino Ziino LIM Librer... €155.00
The making of the Canzoniere and Other Petrarchan Studies Author: Ernest Hatch Wilkins M. D'... €49.06
The Manichaean Church. An Essay Mainly Based on the Texts from Central Asia Author: Claudia Leurini Scienze e... €60.00
The Manuscript Modena, Author: Anne Stone With an essay on illumination by: Federica Toniolo LIM Librer... €30.00
The March in the Islands of the Medieval West Edited by: Jenifer Ní Ghrádaigh, Emmett O'Byrne Contributors: Howard Clarke, Anne Connon, Linda Doran, Clare Brill €182.00
The Materials and Techniques of Medieval Painting Author: Daniel V. Thompson With a foreword by: Bernard Berenson Dover Publ... €12.95
The Medieval Broadcloth: Changing Trends in Fashions, Manufacturing and Consumption Edited by: Kathrine Vestergård Pedersen, Marie-Louise B. Nosch Contributors: Kathrine Vestergård Pedersen, Marie-L Oxbow Book... €110.00
The Medieval Concept of Time. Studies on the Scholastic Debate and Its Reception in Early Modern Philosophy Edited by: Pasquale Porro Brill €270.00
The Medieval Fighting Man: Costume and Equipment 800-1500 Author: Jens Hill, Jonas Freiberg Crowood €26.50
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