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The Social Ideas in the Works of St. Ambroise. A Study on De Nabuthe Author: Vincent R. Vasey Institutum... €20.00
The sons of Dante interpret Dante Author: Louis Marcello La Favia Centro Dan... €15.00
The Stone of Dante and later florentine celebrations of the Poet Author: Graham Smith Casa Editr... €18.00
The Sword and the Crucible. A History of the Metallurgy of European Swords up to the 16th Century Author: Alan Williams Brill €196.00
The Tales of Beedle the Bard Author: Joanne Kathleen Rowling Bloomsbury... €10.50
The Text of the Apostolos in Athanasius of Alexandria Author: Gerald J. Donker Brill €182.00
The Texts and Contexts of Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 108. The Shaping of English Vernacular Narrative Edited by: Kimberly Bell, Julie Nelson Couch Contributions by: A.S.G. Edwards, Thomas R. Liszka, Murray J. Evans, Andrew Ta Brill €185.00
The Theodosian Age (A.D. 379-455). Power, place, belief and learning at the end of the Western Empire Edited by: Rosa García-Gasco, Sergio González, David Hernández de la Fuente Archaeopre... €67.00
The Transformation of the Roman World AD 400-900 Edited by: Leslie Webster, Michelle P. Brown University... €80.00
The Treatise of Novatian the Roman Presbitery on the Trinity Author: Russell J. DeSimone Institutum... €13.00
The trial of the Templars in the Papal State and the Abruzzi Author: Anne Gilmour-Bryson Biblioteca... €43.00
The Troyes Mémoire: The Making of a Medieval Tapestry Translated, with an Introduction, by: Tina Kane Boydell Pr... €68.50
The Two Faces of Inca History. Dualism in the Narratives and Cosmology of Ancient Cuzco Author: Isabel Yaya Brill €144.00
The Via Francigena in the territory of Parma Author: Maria Cristina Basteri PPS Editri... €10.00
The Viking World Author: James Graham-Campbell Foreword by: David M. Wilson Frances Li... €28.95
The Visigoths in Gaul and Iberia. A Supplemental Bibliography, 2007-2009 Author: Alberto Ferreiro Brill €166.00
The Vision of the Palace of the Byzantine Emperors as a Heavenly Jerusalem Author: Maria Cristina Carile CISAM Cent... €80.00
The War of the Dwarves Author: Markus Heitz Orbit Book... €20.90
The Wildenstein Collection of Illuminations Author: Mirella Levi d'Ancona Casa Editr... €154.00
The Witcher. Figli della volpe Autore: Paul Tobin, Joe Querio Traduzione di: Elena Cecchini Panini Com... €13.00
The Witcher. La maledizione dei corvi Autore: Paul Tobin, Piotr Kowalski Traduzione di: Elena Cecchini Panini Com... €18.00
The «Diario» of the Printing Press of San Jacopo di Ripoli (1476-1484) Author: Melissa Conway Casa Editr... €46.00
Theodericus Rex Autore: Vladimiro Bendazzi, Anna Bolognesi A cura di: Donatella Mazza Angelo Lon... €18.00
Theophrastus On First Principles (known as his Metaphysics) Author: Dimitri Gutas Brill €169.00
Theorica mathematica et geometrica medievalia. Textus A cura di: Giuseppe Dell'Anna Congedo Ed... €18.00
Theoricae novae planetarum di Giorgio Peuerbach Il Bulino..., Y. Press €36.00
Theoricum opus musice discipline Autore: Franchino Gaffurio A cura di: Cesarino Ruini LIM Librer... €42.00
Thierry Bouts Auteur: Catheline Périer-D'Ieteren Mercator F... €109.00
Thierry la Fronde Autore: Jean Claude Deret Traduzione di: Leone Bosi Arnoldo Mo... €35.00
Thomas d'Aquin et la controverse sur L'Éternité du monde Présentations et traductions sous la direction de: Cyrille Michon Editions F... €21.80
Thomas von Morigny "Disputatio catholicorum patrum contra dogmata Petri Abailardi" Autore: Nikolaus M. Häring CISAM Cent... €15.49
Thor Marvel Com... €5.90
Thor 04 Autore: Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman Panini Com... €3.50
Thor 07 Autore: Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman Panini Com... €2.90
Thor 08 Autore: Jason Aaron, Russell Dauterman Panini Com... €2.90
Thor dio del tuono 01 Autore: Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic Panini Com... €10.00
Thor dio del tuono 10 Autore: Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic, Nic Klein Panini Com... €10.00
Thor dio del tuono 12 Autore: Jason Aaron, Ron Garney Panini Com... €3.50
Thor dio del tuono 13 Autore: Jason Aaron, Ron Garney Panini Com... €10.00
Thor dio del tuono 14 Autore: Jason Aaron, Ron Garney, Emanuela Lupacchino Panini Com... €10.00
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